It's Time to Start planning your move

It’s never to early to start making arrangements for your  move, in fact booking your Mover is generally one of the first things that you’ll need to organise.


Wherever you are moving in the world we are here to help, with expert packing, shipping, delivery and unpacking – leave it all in our capable hands.

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Not quite sure when you can move into your new home? We can provide secure storage at economical prices all across France, the UK, in fact anywhere in the World. And in most cases storage will be easily accessible around the clock, and you will have your own access keys and codes.


Since BREXIT the rules and regulations for moving your possessions across international borders are sometimes complex, but we are experts and we will make sure that the forms are filled, and correct documents presented in a timely manner, and making every effort to ensure that additional taxes and duties are not incurred.

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Even with the best processes in place, there are risks when transporting fragile goods by land, sea and air. So we provide insurance protection in the unlikely event that something unpredictable happens to your goods