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So you’ve made that huge decision to relocate to France, but now you’re wondering “is my French good enough to get by?”. Well if that’s what’s on your mind, the answer is most likely to be “No!”.   So we think that we might have a solution for you, our one-on-one programs are tailored to suit you needs. 

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll design a program that at the every least gets you to to a point that you can hold a conversation in French, and get the basics of day to day life accomplished.  If you’ve already got a pretty foundation, we’ll put a program in place that will take you to the next level – maybe you want to get a job in France, or your planning to set up a business – we’ll help you with all the vocal that you’ll need.  If you’re hoping to apply for French nationality, you’ll need to take a language test and qualify at B1 level – we can get you there.  Or if you’re relocating with kids, we offer great programs for the them swell.

All of our programs are one-on-one with our Expat tutors, and conducted on-line – which makes it convenient for you, and helps us keep our rates really attractive.

what you'll need to survive the first few months

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Whether you beginner, or you already have a good foundation in French, there’s a few key skills that you’ll need.

1 : Understand enough of what’s being said to make sense of it. Imagine you’re trying  set up your broadband. You carefully plan what you’re going to say in superb French – but you don’t understand a single part of the reply.  Learning to listen, is just as important as learning to speak.

2 Don’t over complicate, speak in  short concise sentences. You’re not expected to speak poetic, flowing French – you’re just trying to make yourself understood. Its more important at this early stage to continue expanding you vocab, and utilising your key (conversational) tenses – present, passé composé, and futur proche.

3: Don’t get too bogged down with the detail. You don’t need to be perfect in French, in the early days you’re really just trying to get by. So it doesn’t matter if your French is littered with errors – you may be guilty of speaking “le français comme une vache espagnole” – but in most situations you’ll probably be speaking  more French, than they can speak English.

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So if you’re ready improve your conversational French, get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll come back to you with some ideas and some rates. And if you’re moving with us, you’ll get a  pretty nice discount.

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