Since BREXIT its become increasing difficult for Expats living in France to find work. We get a lot of enquiries from planning on living and working in France  regarding what they need. So we  thought that we’d take a look at the current requirements. The first thing to look at is your nationality.

EU Nationals

If you come from, or have a passport from another EU country, or Switzerland – then you can absolutely work legally in France  without needing any specific visas or permit. You can look for any type of employment, temporary, permanent, contract, seasonal etc. The French appreciate that there is a skillset of professions outside of France that can benefit the country – so its very supportive. You can even start your own business in France.

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But for Non-EU nationals, including Brits

You don’t have the right to live and work in France without the correct documentation. There are still possibilities for you to find work, but its getting harder and harder, as a potential employer maybe asked prove why they need a foreigner over a French or EU national.

If you are a non-EU national, and you’re lucky enough to find a job, before you relocate to France, then one would expect that your employer will help you with all the necessary paperwork and application for visas.

However if you’re doing it on your own, like most bureaucracy in France you’ll experience some challenges, but like we always say, bear with the system, be patient and polite with all “fonctionnaires” (French civil servants), and you’ll get there in the end.

So here’s a few notes on what you’ll need.

Work Permit or a Work Visa?

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Weirdly you need both, although you only need to make one application – the visa gives you the reason to work in France, and the permit allows you to carry out your day to day work duties. That said,  your long-stay visa does (we think) allow you to live in France AND look for work. But other visas like student , short-stay, travel visas will not help if you want to work.

Moving to France to set up your own business in France

If you’re a non-EU national planning to create your business in France or even freelance? The Profession Liberale visa allows freelance work in France. You won’t need to find an employer to sponsor your self-employment visa. You will even have access to a multiple-year permit!

There is no France digital nomad visa as such. But if you are planning to stay more than three months in France and you want to have the option to extend further, this is your safest and most compliant option!

France’s Talent Passport

Another option for freelancer workers and entrepreneurs is France’s Talent Passport (passeport talent). This visa is open to any person that demonstrates business, creative, or academic skills, or those who have a provable reputation in their field (such as an artist, intellectual, scientific, or sporting professional).

A “passeport talent” is a long-term visa or residence permit, renewable up to 4 years. It allows you (and potentially your family) to live and work in France. To apply for this passeport talent, you must be a foreigner, with a high earning potential, and be prepared to make a significant investment in France

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Temporary and Business Trips in France

If you’re working in France for less than 90 days, you may or may not need to apply for a short-stay visa. Visitors from the UK, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not need to apply in advance – instead, your passport will be stamped each time you enter or leave the Schengen zone and will be allowed to stay a total of 90 days per 180 days.

If you wish to conduct business or work during this visit, you will need a temporary work permit – this can be applied for by your employer here.

Young Traveller working holiday

France offer temporary work and travel visas to young folks who want to do some travelling throughout the country. The French Government website explains “Depending on the applicants nationality and age, you may be able to benefit from the work holiday programme. This programme allows you to visit France for a period of more than three months with the right to work, so as to supplement your financial resources on site”.

We’re just a Moving Company, so we’re not experts on all this sort of stuff, plus the rules change, so don’t blame us if we get something a bit wrong, we’re just trying to be helpful providing info that we think is accurate at the time of writing.

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