We estimate that there’s more than 150,000 British Expats living in France, so here we take a look at a range of the most useful websites for anybody planning to relocate to France from the UK, or already  living in France. We picked a nice selection of privately made and managed blogs, and more commercially orientated sites. Some Great Websites if You’re Relocating to France

the Paris blog

The Paris Blog: If you’re moving to Paris this blog might be of interest. It’s pretty basic, but offers a  nice mix of lifestyle, food & fashion, places & things to see, and some quirky stuff.  It does seem to offer independent advice, rather than “paid for” posts, which is refreshing.  But if you’re looking for practical advice about relocating to Paris, I’m not sure that you’ll find everything you need here.

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am I French yet?

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Am I French Yet? For a more “all-round” guide to relocating and living as an Expat in Paris. Founder New Yorker Charli James moved to Paris with her French husband in 2017, with no French language skills, and as she set up this site shortly after, and she says “I hope this site helps you see you’re not alone in experiencing the joys and headaches of creating a French life”.

You can find visa & immigration advice, language tuition, moving guides, and lifestyle posts.

The Good Life France

The Good Life In France: This site is a MUST for anybody planning on relocating to France. It spans the whole of the country, and covers  key topics including property, gastronomy, lifestyle, immigration and removal services. The Good Life France is a source of inspiration for many expats looking to integrate fully into the French way of life, and there are heaps and heaps of great blog posts.

Founder Janine has even written three best-selling books: My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream,  My Four Seasons in France: A Year of the Good Life and Toujours la France: Living the Dream in Rural France

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the local

The Local: We love The Local here at Provence Movers. It is a nice combination of up to date French News in English, and information and advice for more general  topics with critical information of British Expats in France – property, finance, legal issues, language and employment opportunities.

The founders sum it up saying “The Local’s goal is to give you all the news and essential information you need about France. Whether you are a foreign resident, a frequent visitor, someone with family in France or are planning a move to the country, our aim is to provide what you need”

AngloINFO France

AngloINFO is wonderful resource that covers the whole of France (and many other countries in fact), but also allows you to pick your specific area in France. There’s not much that the site doesn’t cover – how to guides, property, jobs, blogs, classifieds, chat pages, events.

But bear in mind that this is a business, rather than a labour of love – so there is a lot of “paid for” bumpf in there, and its certainly less personal than other sites that we like – but there’s a lot of info in there.

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FrenchEntrée: This site is predominantly aimed at property deals in France, but also offers advice on tax, medicare, relocation services, and pretty much everything that you need to know about living and working in France.

It is a commercial site, so there’s a lot of publicity and promotional stuff, but it does offer Expats a good all round  resource

Perfectly Provence

Perfectly Provence : We were only recently introduced to this site and we really like it. It’s not really honed at folks planning on moving to the south-east of France, but would certainly be a great resource for any British Expats who have already relocated to Provence.

There’s a lot of contents on lifestyle, food and drink, holiday and short terms rentals. But if you look a little deeper you can find an excellent section on buying property in Provence, and the expat lifestyle. There’s also a neat “Reading List” section which is a really novel idea for anybody that’s is planning on moving to Provence or somebody who has just moved there.

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