The Most Popular Areas Of France To Relocate To

Over the years we’ve provided removal services from UK to all over France, so we thought we would take a look at the most popular areas of France to relocate to, and why.  Expats moving to France, generally look at certain key criteria which would include,  affordability, scenery, quality of life, activities, healthcare, and education (for families with kids).

The South East


Aix is a beautiful place located about 30 miles north of Marseille. There’s a sizeable Expat community which is long established. Its certainly a tourist destination, hence there’s plenty of bars and restaurants, shops and traditional French markets. There’s a also a couple of international schools, and a bi-lingual state school. The TGV and international airport in Marseille, makes transport easy, and the seaside is only an hour’s drive away.  Property prices are very high, as Aix is also a highly attractive destination for French buyers.


On the whole, Nice is a good place to live if you appreciate the French lifestyle. It has all the benefits of inland destinations (good food and excellent wine to go with it) but also has the advantage of being located on the Mediterranean coast, and spitting distance to Italy. But Nice is a tourist hot-spot and as such its very busy most of the year round, but particularly in the Summer. Also the cost of living generally higher than other areas of France, and property prices are certainly higher.

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the east


Lyon is a great city to live and work. Very much like a smaller Paris (although the Lyonnais don’t like to hear that), without the stress. There are some great career opportunities, and as such a lot of younger French professionals have made their home in Lyon. The city also boasts an exciting Paris-like culture with museums, galleries and magnificent architecture to be enjoyed in leisure time, and excellent educational institutions for children.

the south west

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Always been popular with Expats, there’s already a large British community in Dordogne and it is even nicknamed ‘Little England’ as a result. This area boasts some beautiful country side, but also close to the city of Bordeaux, with access to the international airport, schools, Universities, etc. Property prices are very reasonable in Dordogne,  €300,000 will buy you a nice 3 bedroom house with a huge garden and a swimming pool.


A key priority when moving abroad as a family – particularly with young children – is safety. Eymet is a small town in South West France with a virtually non-existent crime rate.There are around 800 Brits living in Eymet so it is less a place thriving with French culture, but more a homely haven for British families.

Paris & the north east


Who doesn’t love a long weekend in Paris? The café culture, style, architecture, theatres, shopping – the list goes on and on. But living in Paris, how would that be?

The country’s capital is, of course, a popular option for expats. Due to the size of the city, there is less of an expat community feel but there are also groups and meetups to join if you’re looking to meet other expats.

It is , of course the most expensive place to live in France, in terms of the cost of living and the cost of buying or renting a property. But you’ll have a high chance of continuing or starting a career, and salaries are high. Transport links between Paris and all major European cities are great, and your travel options for getting to all parts of the UK would be by plane, car, or train.

Paris is home to some of the world’s best university and it’s no surprise that it is commonly renowned as one of the best cities for students, and is the dream destination for student across the globe.

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Brittany & Normandy

Again this area is very popular with British expats, being closer to home, and cooler than the South, and amore relaxed way of life!   It is on the Atlantic, so it does get wet weather, but quality of life is great, and the cost of living is low – you get bang for your buck in terms of buying a property – €200,000 will get you a nice 3 bedroom house in Upper Normandy

the south


One of France’s largest cities, Montpellier is home to over 60,000 students and the University of Montpellier is reputable as one of the most innovative educational institutions in the country. The university has some impressive credentials as Reuters’ most innovative Fench university and has achieved a number of notable rankings from global publications. This is definitely one of the best places to live in France as a student, with a buzzing student population.

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